Tips to Reduce Moving Costs

Cheap Moving CompaniesMoving can be an expensive proposition, especially if you’ve been in your house a while. So unless someone else is paying for your move, chances are you will need to lower your moving costs yourself. Fortunately, the costs of moving a house can actually be significantly reduced by following these tips:

Reduce the Load One of the best methods for achieving inexpensive moving costs is to get rid of things you don’t need. You can begin reducing your moving costs by having a garage sale or listing items for sale in your local paper. You should also look for items you can give to friends, recycle or donate. There are plenty of charities that will pick up your donated items and most cities offer recycling programs for electronic and other items. Once you’ve found everything you can sell, donate, give to friends or recycle, it’s time to start throwing things away. Be ruthless! And remember that in some cases it can be less expensive to replace an object at your destination than to move it.

Get Multiple Estimates If you’re going to use a moving service, get at least three estimates. But when you do, be aware that the lowest price doesn’t necessarily indicate that you’ll be able to reduce the costs of moving a house, because there are other factors in play. Once you’ve identified a few candidates, check their references to see if they would use the service again and also call the Better Business Bureau or your state’s attorney general’s office to see if there have been any complaints. What starts as a bargain can quickly become an expensive nightmare if there are hidden charges or if the company is running a scam, so a little research can make all the difference.

Move Mid-month If you’re hiring a moving company or renting a truck, it will be easier to achieve inexpensive moving costs if you move in the middle of the month. That’s because most leases begin on the first or last day of the month, so there’s tremendous demand for services at those times. Many moving or rental companies offer less expensive rates at off-peak times, so a mid-month move can save you money.

Disassemble Furniture and Other Large Items Yourself It stands to reason that your moving costs will be a whole lot less if the movers don’t have to disassemble beds, entertainment centers, swing sets and other similar items. These should have all their pieces fastened together after they’re deconstructed, so you can easily find what goes where at the new location.

Provide Good Directions If you’re moving over a long distance and the moving van driver isn’t familiar with the territory, make sure you provide good directions and a map. If the driver gets lost, there’s a very real possibility the costs of moving a house will go up because you’ll have to pay for the extra time it takes for him to find you.

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